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Nuhlis Friends

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We are constantly looking for sponsors

In schools, different extracorricular working groups are always offered, but hardly anything in this direction.


A clubhouse in this format is difficult to realize without support. That's why we must continue to work full-time and open our club doors only in the afternoons and only for two days a week. This also allows us only limited preparation time. We would like to open our doors on four afternoons a week.


Most parents are very excited to have such a "thing" in our region. Some come and thank us for this great idea. There are also some students who want to join, but the monthly fee of 50 € is hard to realize. A monthly fee of 50 € was only charged to ensure the rents. However, such a price will never bear the cost of running the clubhouse like this. We can only accommodate 10-15 children per session and would like to offer at least 2 sessions per day in the future. This also means that we also have to reduce our own working hours in order to plan well, to prepare ourselves and to get even more tools for the work. The clubhouse was privately equipped by us and we would be very happy to receive some form of support from our society to promote this one time program.


What is needed?


  • Tools like laptops are available but not when all students are present during a session.

  • Startup kits are limited.

  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits as well as sensors and peripherals need to be constantly updated.

  • Small items such as batteries for kits and other office supplies are needed all the time.

  • Electricity and internet costs.

  • Books are very important as a reference for us and the students when they are in the clubhouse.

  • Licensed software

  • A one time help or a pledge to help with about 50€/month as Nuhlis friend will go a long way to secure the presence of this club.


Please contact us if you would like to be one of our sponsors and would like to be listed as one of our sponsors or friends on this page. You can also visit at our Clubhouse and see us on one of our sessions with the students on mondays or wednesdays from 4:30p.m. This  is a  MINT project to promote the young people in our region and to bring digitization to Bergisch Gladbach without compulsion. Many thanks for the support.

Konto: Fomuso Ekellem

IBAN:  DE44 3705 0299 1311 1485 24


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