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IT Career  and Business Coaching!

What is this all about though?

There are  different challenges related to the IT industry, like where exactly to start, due to its rich diversified nature, and some of these challenges can be successfully addressed by using a coach or a mentor! Then again, data science and AI are very prominent these days in IT, coupled with Cybersecurity. When we have our first discussion, we can discover your strengths and match your strengths to any particular direction! You should have a keen interest to learn new things and have at least 15hours a week for personal development!

1. Our Business Coaching Program!


Business areas of IT?

These days we say ICT instead of just plain IT.  ICT = Information and Communications Technology!

ICT embodies four main categories: computing and information technology, broadcasting, telecommunications and internet.

Post Covid, many if not all Career paths have discovered how well their professions can collaborate with IT on a multidisciplinary level, especially with the existence of Data and how it facilitates informed business decisions. Infact, ICT is in every business direction!

Book a session and let's match your skills to a business direction!


Career benefits!

There must not be a career change per se, but a simple integration of ICT career aspects. There can equally  be a complete change of direction, as the integration process unfolds.

Most parts of ICT are not as technical as most people fear. There must however be some basic math knowledge and interest to learn new things. Many people eventually rediscover studies and  find new ways to enjoy and redefine their career when they start with us!

Check our Career package at the end of the page!


People in ICT

The richest people in the world are ICT related in some way, which means we all can do something with ICT to climb that ladder and improve our quality of life and  create generational wealth.

1. Bernard Arnault

2. Elon Musk

3. Gautam Adani

4. Bill Gates

5. Jeff Bezos

6. Warren Buffett

7. Larry Ellison

8. Mukesh Ambani

9. Steve Ballmer

10. Larry Page

2. Our Career Coaching Program!

 Competence plays a major role in our coaching program. We mastermind your progress in slots of 3-4months sessions, discussing and understanding your special needs. Coaching on all things IT-Career-Planning and Confidence in day-to-day endeavors. We get you in on the psychology of work and even an entrepreneurial mindset.


Data Science plays a central role in our coaching Program as we equally guide you through the understanding of multidisciplinary research  gearing towards a portfolio PhD too if desired.


The first two weeks of our coaching is crucial to laying a good foundation for our work together, so we meet at least 4-6hours face to face! We introduce you to tools and resources, set up your system, we draw an action plan and equally help you structure your time with a time plan. We ensure your learning style fits your chosen program and make sure you have at least 15 hours weekly for personal development.


We talk about the payment and a possible payment plan and then we get you going. In this period of 3-4 months, we are available to answer your questions in all forms we can(by email, WhatsApp or phone call) and will accompany you during this time to adjust your CV and help in Job search. When the 3-4 months are over, we can either rearrange a new payment session or we close your file. So timing plays a major role.

We offer a weekly face to face 30 mins coaching after the primary first two weeks. Our coaching cost 2000€ /3-4 month session!

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25% Off any booking before the 15th of April 2023!

Our Services in a nutshell!

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We are very accessible on whatsapp, Email and phone for 3-4 months for a price!

We make a detailed planning session to understand your strengths. We look at your possibilities according to the market. We meet 1 hour weekly for a face to face update of progress!


Building of Portfolio

We apply for certification courses or put you on our own  in-house courses. We give sample interview questions, and adjust your CV if you allow us. We look  in the market with you in your country of residence and send you as many job offers as we can find matching your status!



We drill you psychological to know and tell your story confidently. We help you formulate your unique story and look at possible games played in work places. We build your learning plan and if you allow us, we can examine your learning style and work on it to match your learning needs!

Let’s Work Together

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